International contemporary art, Africa and diasporas


Our mission is to promote African contemporary art scenes through multidisciplinary exhibitions of emerging and established artists from the continent and its diasporas.

31 PROJECT gallery Charlotte Yonga artist


Charlotte Yonga, 2017, Eau du fleuve Noun, Cameroun

31 PROJECT is an entity designed on a flexible model, to react as closely as possible to current events: a vision that is deployed intermittently through a series of exhibitions in our gallery in Paris and in fairs, in France and abroad.

31 PROJECT Gallery Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien artist



On fait des dessins dans la terre


February 6th - March 20th, 2021

Extension until May 29th

31 PROJECT,  is pleased to present, in collaboration with the curator Eva Barois De Caevel, the collective exhibition On fait des dessins dans la terre, bringing together the works of the artists: Naomi Lulendo, Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien, Georgina Maxim and Charlotte Yonga.

Georgina Maxim artist frac meca bordeaux 31 PROJECT gallery





Mémoria: récits d'une autre Histoire


February 5th - May 29th 2021


FRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA, Bordeaux

Georgina Maxim is part from the group show Mémoria: récits d'une autre Histoire in FRAC MÉCA  with the cultural season in France Africa 2020.




Clémence Houdart &

Charles-Wesley Hourdé

Gallery owner Charles-Wesley Hourde, specialised in classical arts from Africa, Oceania and America, joins forces with Clémence Houdart, independent cultural sector consultant for visual arts, to create and develop a new independent branch of his business dedicated to contemporary art. Together, they founded 31 PROJECT.

Charles-Wesley Hourdé et Clemence Houdart