International contemporary art, Africa and diasporas


Our mission is to promote African contemporary art scenes through multidisciplinary exhibitions of emerging and established artists from the continent and its diasporas.

Charlotte Yonga, 2021, Angélique Saint Liguaire, Niort

Charlotte Yonga, 2021, Angélique, Saint Liguaire, Niort

31 PROJECT is an entity designed on a flexible model, to react as closely as possible to current events: a vision that is deployed intermittently through a series of exhibitions in our gallery in Paris and in fairs, in France and abroad.

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7 August - 17 September, 2022

Organised in collaboration with Galerie Antoine Dupin.

Artists: Kelani Abass, Hélène Jayet, Elias Mungora

Opening: 6 August, 5-8 PM

Location: Galerie Antoine Dupin, Le Buot 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-ondes


Charles-Wesley Hourdé, a specialist in the classical arts of Africa, Oceania and America, has partnered with Clémence Houdart, a consultant in the cultural sector for the visual arts, to create and develop a branch dedicated to the African contemporary art scenes. Together in 2019, they founded 31 PROJECT.

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