Objet de rencontres

Maya-Inès Touam

From June 12th to July 24th 2021


Charles-Wesley Hourdé and the 31 PROJECT gallery present Objet de rencontres. This exhibition brings together a selection of ancient sculptures from sub-Saharan Africa with a series of recent photographs by Maya-Inès Touam, a multidisciplinary artist of Algerian origin. 


The exhibition Objet de rencontres originates from an invitation addressed to Maya-Inès Touam by the Fondation H. In the context of this artistic residency, the artist initiated a series of photographs entitled Replica in which she brought together objects from popular culture and traditional African artworks borrowed from the Charles-Wesley Hourdé gallery. The fruit of this residency, the Replica series as well as textile works created for the occasion, is presented at the Fondation H under the title Fil d'exil, in Paris until 5 June 2021. 


Charles-Wesley Hourdé proposed to Maya-Inès Touam to continue this first collaboration by imagining an exhibition that would create a dialogue between the photographs taken at the foundation and the antique art objects that inspired these shots. The title, Objet de rencontres, refers to these objects of chance, whether they are of junk or heritage value, gleaned by the artist in the course of her encounters, as well as to the path of these same objects passing from hand to hand from their land of origin to their reunion in front of the artist's lens. 


This exhibition, organised by Charles-Wesley Hourdé and 31 PROJECT in collaboration with the Fondation H and the African Arty gallery, is thus the result of a succession of collaborations and encounters. 


Artist's biography

Maya-Inès Touam

Born in 1988, lives and works between Paris and Alger.


Born in France of two Algerian parents, Maya-Inès Touam has always looked at both sides of the Mediterranean. Her first questions concerned the ambivalence of feminine powers in the Arab world by carrying out a transversal ethnographic and artistic study. From this period, her current work is more rooted in universality and focused on the African crossroads. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, she has exhibited her work in the United States, Europe and Africa. In recent years she has participated in several events, including Voies-Off (Rencontres d'Arles), the 30th anniversary of the Institut du Monde Arabe, the latest edition of the Lagos Photo Festival and the MACAAL (Morocco) group exhibition, Écritures Ésotériques.

Artist's CV



Fil d’exil, Fondation H, Paris – France

Objet de rencontres, 31 PROJECT x Charles-Wesley Hourdé, Paris - France



Des Rives; Ready Made, Lcc Program, Casablanca - Maroc



Révéler l’étoffe, exposition-conférence, Fuller University, Los Angeles - Usa

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Révéler l’étoffe, Galerie Myriam Bouagal, Paris - France



Révéler l’étoffe, Dar Abdellatif, Alger - Algérie





Lagos photo festival, Passeport, Lagos - Nigeria

TATE, Montresso Fondation - Maroc

Missing memory, Ghaya Gallery - Tunisie



Écritures Ésoteriques, MACAAL, Marrakech - Maroc

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Fotohaus, Voies-Off, rencontres d’Arles, Arles - France

Kerkennah_01 festival de photographie, Kerkennah - Tunisie

Un oeil ouvert sur le monde arabe, Institut du monde arabe, Paris - France

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Shelves, Hangers, desks, Le cœur Paris, Paris - France



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Chouftouhouna, centre culturel de Carthage, Tunis - Tunisie




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Mention spéciale du jury, Maghreb photography award


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Résidence Arkan, Casablanca – Maroc

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Catalogue d’exposition Des Rives



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“La représentation de la femme arabe dans l’art contemporain », mémoire de 2013 aux Editions Universitaires Européennes.





« Art contemporain African: quelles perspectives pour quel marché ?»Attijariwafa Bank, Casablanca, Maroc

Muséecole, Rencontre autour de la nature morte, Marrakech - Maroc


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Conférence « Culture et altérité », Sorbonne, Paris – France



2016 - 2017

Etudes prédoctorales en Esthétique, Sorbonne Nouvelle sous la direction de B.N Aboudrar


Prisma Média (PCM) stage, assistante du directeur artistique Vincent Le Bee  

Obtention du diplôme supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Paris 


Diplôme et Master, École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, atelier de Marc Pataut et Patrick Faigenbaum • Semestre d’échange à Beyrouth (Alba) 



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